Friday, June 13, 2008

Large and small Spirit Orbs

Here is an interesting picture: one very large orb, above and over the right shoulder, then a small Spirit Orb near or on the jacket over the chair.

Why are some small and some large?  Is the large Spirit Orb an angel, guardian or even loved one?  Is the small one a baby Spirit?  Intuition tells me that they are levels of energy that the camera sees.

I don't know who owns the jacket.  It appears as if there is an energy imprint attached to the jacket.  Some sensitive people may feel the energy while near the person or jacket.

Picture taken at ISD Spring Retreat 2008 in Shepherdstown, WV on Memorial Day Weekend.

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Russ Meade said...

Morning from Lake Lure.

While idly surfing this AM found your interesting site.

Several of us locals visited The Light Center 6 months ago for a walk and talk on spiritual orbs.

Simply stated we were fascinated by what we saw and took with our cameras! No " rational" explanation for the pictures we took.

I took one of my daughter for her wedding also, in a beautiful garden here and the orbs were all around her.

Will try to locate the pictures if interested.

Would love for you to write an article for our Community Newsletter if desired.

Will try to past in the Sept Issue ( draft below.

Tthanks! Russ Meade


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