Sunday, December 9, 2007

Orbs at ISD DC after Responsible Mediumship Class

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Orbs at ISD Sparta, NJ

It could be a reflection at the bottom, but it looks like an orb on the picture frame. Picture taken from the back center of the room / sanctuary. The muscian is right below the picture frame. His music rocks.

The Ceders in Hendersonville, NC

Not an orb, but look at the light behind the chair on the left. What is that? The picture was taken before the marriage ceremony.

Orb at my brother's wedding

Who would expect to see an orb in a Baptist Church? Why not. Pictures taken after the ceremony. Is that our Dad?

Orbs at the Embarcadero in San Francisco

Several orbs above and to the right of the elevators in atrium. Picture taken at the Hilton Embarcadero in June 2004

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tea Party Orb

Looks like one orb showed up at this tea party, just for a visit.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Orb from the Chapel

This picture was taken along with others on Sunday morning, July 8, 2007 as I was walking up to the chapel.   The orb was not visible by the naked eye, but caught on the camera.   There is nothing on the place where it looks so bright and nothing shinny on the flower pots.

I usually stand at this spot to welcome people to the chapel before service.

If you zoom into the orb, what do you see in the aura?   Please comment.

Orbs in Roman ruins 5/19/07

This picture was taken on May 19, 2007 as we were walking toward the metro near the Colosseum in Rome. None of the other pictures before or after have any orbs. I was trying to capture the tile work.
I wonder what had happened here to generate so many orbs. We will be researching the location for further info.

Rome Orb near hotel 5/19/07

This one was taken as we got off the bus near our hotel. Boy was it dark.
Yes, Virginia that's a crescent moon and Venus.
Do you see the orb? I didn't until I saw the picture.

Paris Louvre Orbs

The following pictures were taken on May 13, 2007, Mother's Day at the Louvre in Paris:
Look up:

There is an orb near the center of the ceiling.

Now we go to the Egyptian section and find some orbs there.

Oh Venus:

Oh Venus, did you know you had orbs around you?   They blew my pictures.

Some more orbs in the Egyptian area:

Orbs on the sarcophagus on the right:

Different orbs on another side:

I was surprised to find the orbs. Where do they come from? What are they?

Lourdes Nightly Procession May 15, 2007

That is not the moon folks.   Dusk in the procession.

The procession is over and we are leaving the grounds:

Paris Metro Orb May 13, 2007

Who would expect to see an orb on the Paris Metro?   Surprised me too.   I didn't capture many in Paris except the Louvre.   It was Mother's Day, May, 13, 2007.

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