Thursday, November 15, 2007

Orb at my brother's wedding

Who would expect to see an orb in a Baptist Church? Why not. Pictures taken after the ceremony. Is that our Dad?


Anonymous said...


KIRAEL: Good evening. Each of you is on an evolutionary journey, which has brought you now into this flux of energy, this vibration, called the human light. What a beautiful gift you give to your Creator by your experience of the human light! Your Creator is humbled by the fact that part of its own light could be used for such a magnificent journey, the world of human.

Now let us drift, if you will, back in time. Time, as you measure it, may not be the only measure of existence. Time, as you see it, has placed many limits around your reality. I will speak of a time that is not constricted by the pattern of thought—rather, a time that expands beyond the reality of consciousness.

Today I choose to speak to you of a society of energies that walked here on your Earth plane long ago. We have come to talk about a beautiful society of energy called Elven. The Elven society exists in another plane of consciousness. These beautiful creatures of light have lived throughout many different realities. Many people would love to believe that the Elven world is just some made-up world, just as many people would like to believe that angels don't exist because you can't see them with your third-dimensional eyes (one of the senses that won't operate in the angel world). Yet you know as well as I do that there are angels filling the room just to hear my conversation this day.

As I take you back in time, free your mind of the third dimension and connect it to the Source, for the Source is where your truth is. Let us go to the beginning of time, before the beautiful Elven society came here to your Earth plane. They lived in a world much like yours, and like you, they had to evolve. Like yours, the Elven society broke down. The Elven noticed the differences in each other and the manner in which each lived. Like the human world, their beings came in many different colors. They had dark Elven, bright-colored Elven, green Elven, white Elven, and golden Elven, and over time they thought that one must be better than the other, so they went into separation.

The separation was so deep, my friends, that they went out into this beautiful realm of the cosmos and searched for places where they might be by themselves. Yet, whenever they found something, lo and behold, another form of Elven would join them and the world of Elven became that most beautiful light. Like you, over time, they evolved, until they brought forth a society which no longer knew strife pr their different colors. Rather, they saw themselves as only a beautiful blend of a rainbow of lights.

Yes, they evolved just as you are evolving, and they found that wars were never the answer. They found peace, a peace that rang so strongly and so filled with power that it was known for all times that the Elven world had finally found peace and tranquility in their hearts. I can assure you, my friends, you are like them, in that you are searching for that harmonic light, that peace, the prosperity that is your given right, and like you, they are here to be in service.

Very long ago the beauty of the Creator's Force of Light was searching, if you will, for the different planet systems it could bring to life. It found your planet Earth, which it had created such a long time ago. It had brought the mineral weave and the plant weave onto this plane, but it had no reason to bring the animal or the human weave. There was the Earth plane in all of its beauty: beautiful rushing rivers, bubbling brooks, forests of great, beautiful grandfather trees, rolling meadows, seasons that came and went—a journey beyond the senses. It was at that time that the Elven decided to try your world. They did not become Earth beings, because Earth wasn't called Earth at that time. It has only been called Earth for the past few thousand years. Long ago, it was called Reality, or Riali Tati. That's what it was called when the Elven lived here for a time.

This most beautiful Elven society lived in three levels of consciousness. The first level of consciousness was similar to what you know today as We the People. They were the caretakers of the planet Riali Tati. They planted the fields, made the foods, and built the homes. They did all that it was possible to do. The second level of consciousness was the warrior race, which was the power, the elite, as their job was to protect the worker class of light. The third level of consciousness was the spiritual class. They were of a higher vibration than the warrior class and needed no protection. The spiritual class is the one you hear most about in your books and movies. These three defined levels of consciousness, or energy patterns, had such a grand love for each other that their lives were always about how to be in service.

The last time a great population of Elven was upon your planet Earth was in the time of Lemuria, a short 50,000 years or so ago, by your measure. Yes, they were here at that very time, along with that new breed, that new energy, which would one day be called Earth human. The first time that humans and the Elven were connected in source and light was in the beginning stages of Lemuria. The Elven brought such grandness with them that it was a magnificent awakening for both of these societies. The Elven and humans blended together at that time and became one and the same, for their races were so close, so dearly alike.

You search your heart out for these Elven now. Wish to meet them. Wish to touch them. There are a number of them right here in this particular room. Although many Elven have pointy ears, not all do. If you want to recognize them, then look into their eyes. They will emanate a vibration of love.

The Elven haven't made an appearance yet on your Earth plane because they're not sure that the human world is ready for them. In their time in Lemuria, the Elven society was the first to vibrate on another level of consciousness, and they opened up their own world, which was so similar to yours. Oh yes, my friends, not another planet, but another world, another dimension. Their dimension looks almost exactly as yours does, with a few exceptions. Their skies are clear all of the time. Their atmosphere holds nothing that they wouldn't love to breathe and their waterways are pristine and perfected.

If you want to know where this world is, then open your heart and jump through the dimensions with me. You will see a forest of light. In that forest are grandfather trees thousands of years old. As you approach this beautiful forest, and cross this rolling green plateau of grass and flowers, the fragrance gets stronger. Walk through the trees until you come to this huge, huge tree that stands over a hundred feet in height. It will bend down and touch your face with its leafy branches, and invite you to the world of the Elven society.

As you enter among the trees, you will see a city and walkways. Elven children will be playing, and adults will look down upon you from their branches, their walkways, their homes, and the porches of their beautiful lighted homes. Continue to walk down these beautiful streets among the trees, until you come to a stairway. As you ascend the stairway, at the first step, you will glide into this next reality, where you'll be met by two beautiful Elven, one of whom is known as the Divine. The Divine to the Elven world is the highest form of Creation incarnate. It is similar to your Christ Consciousness, for it is the Divine that knows all and helps all.

See the Elven society, where beings stand anywhere from 6 to 8 feet in height, where each female is seen as a Light of Goddess. You will see a remarkable beauty within them, so filled with the vibration of light. In your mind's eye, meet the council elders, who will answer your questions. See these beautiful energy patterns and know that they live in a world so like yours, yet so fully alive and vibrant and evolved. Their world is a replica of what your world will one day be, for they have gone beyond the Shift. They have seen who they are, they have shifted into a new light, and they know their perfection. They are not angels, as many would like you to believe. They are a species unto themselves. They live in a society that is based on Truth, Trust and Passion.

The Elven have rules, self-imposed, loving rules, which state that they will speak only the truth. Elven may live in one incarnate time as long as they desire. The Divine, mentioned earlier, is thought to be 800-plus years old.

That's the world you're headed for. A Great Shift in Consciousness is occurring, and one day your world will look like the Elven world I've described. Your world will be built in nature itself, for Gaia will stand with you and give you all that you need and more.

Your angels will move in and out of your patterning of light, and the Elven society will show you how to cross the illusionary barriers of time. They will let you journey into their world. You will live in this same type of energy. You will honor a Creator Force, not as a he or she, but as the Light of all lights in all of its beauty. The Goddess Tara will then speak as the Goddess of Light, and all the light shall intermingle.

My friends, don't be afraid of this Great Shift in Consciousness. Seek your peace now, so that at the time of this Great Shift, you will open your eyes and see beyond your third-dimensional sight. You will see your Elven brothers and sisters walk among you once more as We the People, for they have now sent many of their energies to you.

Many Elven live in Japan, China, the Asian world, for they found a society of human there that reflected much of their energy. Each in the Elven world has found that it can find peace and harmony by simply enclosing itself in its own light and shutting out the din of other societies. The Elven have learned to live in a structured society that accommodates each person.

The Great Shift is upon you, not lurking somewhere in the distance. It is happening in this world this day. Imagine if everyone in the world knew that this Elven society was real, and that all of the movies and books that have been written about the Elven are truth. Where does the artist who paints a beautiful picture of the Elven world get his inspiration? Where does the author who writes about the Elven societies find the thoughts to create the story? These artists get their thoughts, their inspiration, from the etheric fabric of truth, the cosmic light of guidance, or in the Akashic records, and in that, my friends, the awakening begins.

I want so much for the "I" of my I to look upon your world and see We the People of the human society holding hands, forgetting the colors of skin, not judging by what one has or doesn't have. It is my prayer that you are willing to share everything in love. I, Kirael, from the Guidance reality, opened the realms between your world and the world of the Elven society so that you could walk through the dimensions with me to discover the truth of your heart. The Great Shift is upon you. You are safe. You are a journeyer. I am the speaker. I will take questions now.

Q: Are fairies part of the Elven world?

KIRAEL: At one time the fairy world that exists on your plane today played a large part in Elven society. In Elven society, the fairies were the givers of life for all of Mother Earth or whatever planet system they were on. This meant, for instance, that the fairy world touched with its own light any flower that was crying or weeping as it strained itself to reach up to Father Sky and the sunshine, giving the flower new color and a new experience. Then the flower reached even higher than ever, standing so tall and beautiful. When the flowers in Lemuria cried, their tears appeared as dew upon their petals and they dripped their colors. Many of the colors you use to paint with now are remnants of the flower world.

Fairies have always played a huge part in any developing society. Interestingly, fairies almost never evolve past the world in which they live. That's why they're so shy, and won't come out and play with you very often. When they do show themselves, be so very thankful. They are a beautiful vision and a light of the Elven world.

Q: How do the adult Elvens work with the Elven children to raise them?

KIRAEL: Elven don't consider themselves raised. Elven children are born with thin veils, almost veil-less. No matter what society you are in, you will have veils. It is the only way you can maintain a physical presence. An Elven couple will only procreate, or reproduce their beautiful children, about every 40 years or more, in some cases. Elven do not go through the birthing process like you here on the Earth do. They live so long that they don't have to procreate or repopulate often.

In the past, there was an Elven society called the Drow Elf, the very young energies of the Elven world. They were what you would consider today deviants of one sort or another. The Drow Elven created wars across the cosmos, trying to take over the whole of the Elven world. At that time, much of the Elven society was obliterated from the Earth plane. It has been a slow process of rebuilding. However, in the rebuilding, the Drows no longer have footing. There are still some Drows in certain planet systems, and you may hear of them, but they are well self-contained at this particular time.

The Elven child begins talking at approximately 73 to 75 days after birth and is in full conversation by that time. Elven start their schooling as soon as they begin to talk. An Elven normally walks before it talks. So you understand they are little creatures at that time. I think that is where the word "elf" gets its hold, because the Elven stay small for a long time. They stay children for a long time and are put in different schools in different places. In fact, a typical Elven would probably be considered an adult when it reaches around 45 to 50 years old. Hence, their childhood extends a lot longer than the human experience. They start a rigorous information gathering force because they live for hundreds of years. They have access to the cosmic akashic records and are taught from those records. They are like the proverbial sponge of life, gathering every bit of information they can.

In contrast, in the human experience, children are children for about three or four years, and then you want them to turn into adults by telling them not to cry and to dress perfectly, don't do this and don't do that. In the Elven world, the words "doesn't," "don't," "no way," "I don't know," don't exist in their vocabulary. So you can see that they get to nurture their children for quite some time.

When an Elven is in its thirties and forties, it's considered akin to a teenager here on the Earth plane. After that, Elvens move into adulthood, and even then, to be quite candid with you, they don't grow up fast. They hold on to that childhood love and light as long as they can.

One last thing: There are very few animals in Elven society, other than maybe small ponies and other beasts of burden. Those are the basic similarities between the human world and the Elven world.

Q: Master Kirael, when you said the name Riali Tati, I started feeling this unity consciousness in my heart like I have never experienced in this life. I have the sense that the Elven society has a deep knowingness of its oneness with each other and that its thoughts are always based in love. Can you help us or can the Elven elders help us remember how to see the Creator in each other and feel that oneness again?

KIRAEL: I am being spoken to by one of the elders and I will translate. Those of you who have never met an Elven reality, I will try to put as much love into this elder's voice as it desires.

He says, "Child of light, hear my sounds, for they ring truth from all that is light. In the world of which we exist, we seldom use the voice to communicate. We think our thoughts and are joined as one. When we awaken to a day, as you would call it on your plane, we awaken to the sound of the whole of our world humming a beautiful sound of good morning. Before we break our fast for the day, we feel the essence of all of those within our range, which exists beyond your imagination.

Hear this, my little one. We search in that pattern before breaking fast for all life form that does not feel what it wants to feel, and we focus our light on that light. One of us might awaken from our travels into the other worlds, and we may feel a little less than strength. As we sit and join our version of the Om, we feel the light of the rest of the society build us. They know that we need healing at that moment, and we accept it, and the whole of the Elven society is healed each morning prior to breaking fast.

So the feeling of unity that you felt when Master Kirael spoke of what would one day become 'reality,' was that communication of love that we didn't have to whisper. We didn't have to speak. We simply thought on the waves of love, and love carried our voice wherever we wanted it to go. We could communicate with one or all, should we decide. We can hear from one or all as well.

So you can imagine, my beautiful little light, it would not make sense for one to say, 'Oh, did you see the color of her eyes? I didn't like them,' because it is heard by the masses, and the masses would then immediately send you so much light for that statement that you would find the beauty in her eyes.

Forgive me for my passions, but I seldom get to talk to the human world, and I thank the great Master Kirael for this moment. You may count me as your blessed servant to your world, and I am called Eirvenal, and I will always be here. Eirvenal stands in the light of the warrior, for it is our warriors who will be present in your world to help you feel your love. I return to my world, in that you may have our great master, the Master Kirael, return."

Q: For those of us here on the Earth now who have the ability to communicate and see these Elven beings, what is our responsibility for making the world aware of their presence?

KIRAEL: Most every being who has anything to do with the Elven society—including those who have already registered service to the Elven world, those who recognize their Elven bloodlines and come from some of the great families of the Elven world, and those who just want to be of service to anything that will create peace on your Earth plane—knows that his journey is a gift, not a responsibility, and to treat each Elven energy with as much love and respect as you can. The Elven are part human and wear veils of both the Elven and the human world. The Elven are so filled with light that the only way they can bring themselves through the dimensional veils more clearly is to be immersed in love.

As you look into your own veils, know that the veils closest to you are your human veils. As you look past them, you will see the safe veils of the Elven society. The Elven world still has one fear. Not death. They fear not being able to serve the Creator. Go to that second layer of veils, and those of you who know an Elven, treat it with the vibration of love, heal it at every moment, and then you will see that the Elven can fulfill but one energy, and that is to let you know who they are.

Q: For those of us who have Elven bloodlines, how do we awaken that part of us to help serve the people on Earth?

KIRAEL: If it is your truth that you want to be in service to We the People in the human world, then you have to personify the ability to shine your light. That means you must awaken your journey to the next level of consciousness. You must use your love, and nothing else, in your light. You see, as I was explaining in the previous question, you have a dual veil. Humans have one beautiful veil, but the Elven world comes with a dual veil, one which resembles the human veil and another which is their Elven veil.

So, to get through that human veil, you have to see everything as perfect. In order to break apart the human veil, you have to demand peace of the inner self. Peace demolishes, really dislocates and takes apart the veil system and allows it to move out into the next system. Your second veil is the veil that protects you so that you can speak in the light of who you truly are.

To you in the Elven world or from the Elven world who have human experiences going on for you right this moment, listen to the Ten Principles of Consciously Creating that I have brought onto this Earth plane. Use those Principles to guide your every moment—not most of your moments, your every moment. Do that and the human veil will dissipate, and you will walk with your Elven veil. You will be a creator of all creation.

Q: I have an affinity for the fairies, and I notice that many of my photographs contain orbs that have fairy and Elven energy. Is this the means by which the Elven world and these other worlds come to us?

KIRAEL: Your world is losing its edge of duality. The Creator put the balance of good and not so good in this plane because it wanted to experience itself in the form of duality. Yet, now that the great duality rein is coming to closure and you are about to move into another level of consciousness, many of the energies such as the fairies—we call them the friary angels—are here en masse. The first thing they did was take off their wings and walk like We the People.

Then they found themselves growing up from what used to be their full height of 14, almost 15 inches to full-sized human beings. Oh, what a stretch that was for them! The orbs that you see in your pictures now are the actual fairy and Elven energies that are being maneuvered around your Earth plane, in preparation for the great awakening.

When you notice the orbs in a picture, it gives us great pleasure, especially when you say, "Look, there must have been a spot on me lens." We want you to take notice, but not get too excited, my friends. Just know what they are. The orbs are travel bogs for energetic patterns who come through and have never been to this plane of consciousness in the form it's in now. They put themselves in a travel bog, which is rounder than an egg and moves through dimensional portals, or the dimensional pause, as they are called on the other side of the veil. The friary light and the Elven light who come here and are still not manifest in full embodiment have been sent through the pause to prepare for when the Great Shift takes place.

Understand that you are not alone. Your world is gaining greater strength over here every day. This Great Shift in Consciousness for We the People is just beginning. You haven't seen anything yet. Thank you for that kind and generous question.

Q: Master Kirael, have you ever studied the Elven world? Also, you spoke in your opening statement about the female energies of the Elven society and how they were revered as Goddesses. What is the role of the Goddess Light in the Elven society?

KIRAEL: I studied the Elven world for about 600 years, so I have a great love for them. Six hundred Elven years are longer than your years over here, so I had a good chance and a good opportunity to learn. First of all, understand that the Elven societies, even when they had their classes on the Earth plane, looked at their trinity of light as the Creator. What's fascinating is that all worlds throughout all the dimensions at some point or another refer to the Creator. Isn't that fabulous? The Creator, not God, because, you see, gods are just energies. The gods split one time throughout the worlds, and some chose to be good gods, by the Creator's example, while some chose to be bad gods, and what a fascinating time that was.

With respect to your second question, they called the Creator Force the Divinity, or the Divine, which is now called the Christ Consciousness. The Elven has the Divinity, or the Divine, and then the Goddess energy. In the Elven society, along with the friary, the Goddess, or the female energy, was known as absolutely perfect in beauty. Every goddess of light was perfect. If a Goddess had a scar that ran across her eye and down her cheek, she looked into the mirror and thought, what a beautiful scar!—and she wasn't kidding herself. Goddess is the perfect light, because it is the love of light. It is the Love energy incarnate.

So, in the Elven world, every female Elven was known as Goddess Light and some shared it stronger than others. In your society right now, Goddess energy is awakening around the planet. Many within the sound of my voice are thinking, "He is talking about me. I love him." Thank you. The Goddess energy is awakening at an unbelievable vibration.

In Elven society, the Divine often has the structure of a male body and the chromosome value of a female body. Isn't that fascinating? So the Goddess extends through all, my friend, and is the replica of light.

Q: I connected to the Goddess energy, and then these beautiful beings came around me. They were almost like pillars of white light. Now there seems to be one with me most of the time. I have been told they are from Arcturus, but I don't feel right with that. Then I took a picture of rainbows around the sun, and there were several green orbs in it, and what looked like a person. Is the Elven society trying to reach me?

KIRAEL: The gates are open, lass, and beings from the other worlds will come in, whether it's through the pausal light, the coronal light or whichever light they use to travel on. If you look closely, you will see this tall, pale, greenish light standing over there, and she wishes to offer you this:

In your travels, where you know that in your heart only the magic glows, it is of my light I share with you that, one day, we shall let the whole understand that I am you. So, therefore, I say to you, watch, when next you see the tiny structure, you will know that I have come to be. In this, I have always found my own reality. So now I expound. You are my journey and I am yours. I am not of Arcturian, but I am of the world of the Divine, and in the Divine, I serve you, that we may serve the world together. I thank our great Master Kirael for the opportunity to use his medium to speak unto you words that only you would understand. As you open your heart, your sound is this: [Tones]. I rest until I return. Before you can blink an eye, I will be there with you.

Q: The Elven society has created a beautiful world, a pristine environment, clean water, blue skies, and has assisted in elevating each other's light. How can we achieve the same thing for ourselves? How can we assist the Elven world in helping us to capture that same reality here on planet Earth?

KIRAEL: You don't have a great choice in the matter. I don't normally say things like that, but in this case it's the truth. In the human world you don't have a great choice. This beautiful world will happen for and to you anyway. You're ascending as we speak. I've called it the Great Shift. Now, the Divine from the Elven world calls it the Great Enlightenment. What's the difference? I picked a word, he picked a word. He picked his a long time ago, but I picked mine as well. It is what you are going towards. I've only begun to brush the reality. For instance, remember that the Elven children remain so until they're in their forties or fifties. In addition, every child belongs to society, not to the parents. Therefore, no one child could ever be hungry. No one child could have less than, because every child belongs to everyone, which assures that every Elven child will be loved and nurtured.

The old pattern of hate and strife and the different gods and different parts of Creator are withheld from the Elven child, because in its youth it is taught love, consideration, kindness, how to treat and love a flower, how to nurture a tree, and how to cultivate its own food. All the Elven child learns is how to beautify its environment.

When the Elven child reaches adulthood, and I mean way into adulthood, usually around its 100th year or so, it's exposed to its ancient histories, where it learns of the Drow Elven and other Elven who may not have been of the highest light. Just as you humans did, the Elven went through their dark times. The Elven worked their little buttocks off to raise its level of consciousness.

Q: What impact, if any, did the burning of the Alexandrian Library have on Elven society?

KIRAEL: The first time the Alexandrian Library burned, the Elven weren't necessarily disappointed, because so much of the information in the library wasn't the truth, and the part that contained the Elven information was protected. The Alexandrian Library was set afire four times. Someone was on a quest to destroy the Elven information.

The fire was so strong during the second and third burning that it was evident that wizardry was used to make the fire. Bad Magi drew together and used their magnetic force to create those fires. Yes, there were bad Magi. After that, the Elven society decided to take a hiatus, and left the Earth plane. They're back now, so don't worry.

Q: What do Elvens look like?

KIRAEL: The average Elven is tall and has beautiful almond-shaped eyes, and the males have long platinum hair. The females have long black hair, and are so beautifully plain in the God Creator's Light that whatever they do is absolutely perfect, no frills here.

The average human nine-year-old is considered an infant in the Elven world, and by that age, it would already have chosen its divinity, its life's endeavor, so to speak. To describe the Elvens is to try to define them, and they do not like to be defined.

Q: Previously and also in your opening statement today, you shared that Elven society is strongly connected to the Japanese culture. How is the return of the Elven world affecting lightworkers in Japan? When we speak Japanese and other Asian languages, are we bringing the Elven vibration onto the Earth plane?

KIRAEL: The Japanese society has a very close connection to the Elven world. If you've ever been to Japan, you know that when the Japanese get on their bullet trains or their little shuttles from city to city, they sometimes cram into places that the rest of the world would look at and say, "No way." Once they are inside, they really are not cramped anymore, because they mold to each other—like the Elven world does. They just fit.

There are other similarities between the Elven and the Japanese societies. In the Elven society, there was no such thing as his and her baths. Bathing was a communal activity, because, much like in the Japanese society today, the body was greatly honored. It didn't need to be covered. If it was covered, the deepest of colors were used. In the originating parts of the Japans, they devised the most beautiful colors. Also, in a greater portion of Japanese society, people bow to one another. Bowing is not a show of subservience; it is honoring each other's light. You bow towards each other to press your light against the other's light, not to invade but to touch the other. In the Japanese society, many have learned that they don't fit that well in human society. Their customs are different, and so they are a closed society, or a society of one race, so to speak.

The original energy forces of the Elven society were situated in the far Western hemisphere of Lemuria, near the Japans. They were warrior class. So the Japanese have had a long history with the warrior class, but that has since fallen away. Now, the spiritual class is becoming predominant—We the People with Elven energies, the high vibrating class. That is why spirituality is growing at such a great pace in the Japans. The warrior has released its energy and gone back for training, and so now you see a Great Shift in Consciousness. In Japan, the world of the Elven is known as the "carians," meaning they carry the light sword of peace, having moved from the warrior to the awakening spirit.

Q: What is the Elven influence in Europe and in religion?

KIRAEL: Many of the Elven societies that wound up in the European energies were of the spiritual class. When they were Earth beings, they found that the spiritual class was in the world of religions. The Elven tried to fit into the religious classes of the Romans, Greeks, Germans, Palestinians, all of the different groups, but they couldn't quite grasp the concept of religion, because they were true spiritualists.

The Elven have lived among you for a long time. They are now willing to make themselves known, because they know that the world as a whole is no longer so defined and confined by religions. The world is now being defined by the spiritual awakening of the Elven reality. In the European experience, the Elven energy brings the spiritual force to light.

Closing Statement

Those of you in the Americas, don't think I am just talking about those in the Japans and Europe. You are the melting pot. That's why you are looked on with great light. Don't let the rest of the world down. Let yourselves be the kindness of the Elven world. Let the angels, the Elvens, the friaries and everyone else come to be, for in the excitement of being, you will find that you are the Force of the Creator.

Good evening.

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