Thursday, September 18, 2008

Healing Spirit Orbs after Energy Healing Workshop

Here are some pictures of Spirit Helpers or Healing Spirits. I took this shot after a workshop on Energy Medicine which included both lecture and healing sessions.

It is interesting that there are some orbs that are not totally circular. Take a look at the back wall near the ceiling (top left in picture) and you will see more of a cloud.

We had several healing tables near where this picture was taken. See the healing orbs?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Church Healing Spirit Orbs

This picture was taken prior to a healing workshop, before the students came.  I wanted to see who was with us and a little bright one in the back as well as a large one in the middle - ushers' pew.   They came to help during the healing sessions: healing Spirit Orbs.   These healing orbs come to church on Sunday as well as lectures and Healing Fairs.  They also bring healing energy with them to be used in healing. 

Come visit the Institute for Spiritual Development.   Sunday services are at 11 am.  Check out the web site:  and check out the activities.  You will see and feel the loving energy there.  Here is your gold invitation.

There is also an interesting Spirit Orb at the right of the cold air return near the doors.   What I find interesting about this one and the bright little one is there appears to be an aura about them.  The big Spirit Orb doesn't have any aura, unless the orb is an aura.

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